Mini-App of the Day: Caffeine

Do you hate it when your screen dims or the screensaver comes on continually? But at the same time you don’t want to get rid of the functionality to save battery power when necessary? Perhaps you are viewing something on your computer as a reference, but you don’t use the keyboard or move the mouse much?

Personally I notice screen dimming the most when I’m not plugged into a power source and I’m working with someone on a project or trying to explain something to another person and the screen keeps dimming or the screensaver comes on because I’m not moving the mouse or typing on the keyboard.

Caffeine is the best solution I’ve found for this problem. It sits in the menubar as a little coffee cup. When you don’t want the screen to dim, you simply click it. When you want to turn automatic screen dimming or your screensaver back on, click it again. You can even set it with a timeout. So say you only want it to leave the screen on for an hour or even 5 hours before returning to automatic dimming–you can tell it to do that too.

Check it out. I promise you won’t regret it. Caffeine.

Oh yeah…and it’s FREE.

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