App of the Day: Cocoa Rest Client

The age old CLI tool curl is designed to transfer data to and from servers. But sometimes curl just isn’t what you’re looking for.

I love curl, but sometimes I need my output XML or JSON pretty printed. I want to be able to save frequent PUT and POST bodies for later and copy and paste from responses easily. Think of this as curl with a light UI.

Those are the developer’s words about Cocoa Rest Client. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Cocoa Rest Client isn’t quite as powerful as the mighty Fiddler for windows, but it gets some of the job done. Regardless, it’s a nice, light application that might be worth checking out for Mac users. The developer also has his project available for “forking” on Github.

Any other recommendations for programs that compare to Cocoa Rest Client? There’s always Wireshark if you want to inspect all sorts of traffic, but that’s a little overkill for working with RESTful APIs.


  1. This post made me look legit. I downloaded fiddler and started playing with it after I read this post. The next day at work Brian asked which of us had heard of Fiddler before. I looked smart because of


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