Summer Internship Highlights

This summer I interned with Pariveda Solutions in their Seattle, WA office. In Seattle, the interns in my group put together a push notification framework slash solution accelerator of sorts. The idea was to create a kind of repository of starter projects that allows developers to easily create mobile apps that implement push notification functionality. Our solution accelerator consists of starter projects for five different mobile platforms including native iOS, native Android, PhoneGap, Rhodes and Unity. These starter projects already include the functionality for push notifications, in addition to a test harness app to demo the functionality (a simple chat application).

The solution accelerator also includes an application server from which to send the push notifications. This portion was coded using .Net and was hosted on a Microsoft Azure instance for demo-ing purposes. At first, we started building a custom Node.js server to handle the push notifications and forward them to the appropriate push notification servers (i.e. GCM or APNS); however, we were asked to explore third party alternatives, such as Urban Airship and PushWoosh.

I personally worked with the PhoneGap and Node.js portions. It was the first time I had really delved into JavaScript so that was exciting, and mind blowing (read loopback functions galore).

For the last 3 weeks of the internship, I worked out of Pariveda’s DC office on a client project. We started coding a middleware service in .Net that is designed to synchronize contacts, calendars, tasks and notes with a custom Java CRM. The service employed streaming notification subscriptions so that changes are accounted for the instant they occur. We also designed a queue to ensure that in the event of power loss, all the changes/updates would persist until they had been updated in the opposite system.

As for personal projects, I jumped into Obj-C and iOS. I started building a couple different apps for iPhone, most of them simple and one a bit more complex.

In addition to the internship and side projects, my wife and I did some road tripping up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to Seattle. We also managed to make it to Vancouver, Canada while in Seattle. We spent the day biking around the city and through Stanley Park. While in DC we did something similar. We took the 3:00am bus to New York City, rented bikes, toured the city and then took the 10:30pm bus back to DC the same day. Needless to say, it was a long, awesome adventure.

On our way back to Provo, Utah after the internship, we drove down to Bend, OR and then east through Idaho making various stops along the way to visit friends and family. I’m still trying to come up with an effective and efficient way for posting photos of our trip on my blog or alternatively through a third-party service. Recommendations welcome. :)

As an ending note, I plan on posting a more tech-centric entry regarding what I’ve learned this summer from my internship and personal projects. It’s already in the works.


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