Microsoft Appealing to a New Crowd? Look

Ever notice the look of I’m probably just too absorbed in my own Apple products these days that I haven’t really noticed Microsoft advertising, but isn’t it a bit different? Their marketing strategy seems to be directed more at a younger crowd these days. Not that I ever thought Microsoft wasn’t “cool” or something, but it seems like they are trying to appeal to the “hip” crowd (I wouldn’t quite say hipster). I thought Apple was the one with the guy in the hoodie, levis, and sneakers?

At any rate, I like the look. Kinda goes with their new Windows 8 UI theme (formerly called Metro). I dug up some ads from both Microsoft and Apple for kicks. Most of them are pretty lame, Apple and Microsoft alike. Apple seemed to be going for the “we’re cool and Microsoft isn’t” tactic (fail) and Microsoft seemed to be going for “we create life changing, innovative products” with a focus on kids and families (boring). Nothing really stood out to me. The iPod ads were pretty cool back in their day and the Microsoft Surface ad has some nice kick.



While I’m at it, I can’t leave out the classic fail vids:

To be fair, Apple has had its share of failures too:


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