The New iMac

Apple has done a tremendous job marketing the new iMac on its website. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the iMac was only 5mm thick and flat on the front and back.

I found only two images on the site that model a profile view of the new iMac: on the design page and in the Apple store under the gallery tab. The first shows the progression of the iMac over the last 14 years.

Evolution of the iMac

The second image is much more detailed and much larger.

27-inch iMac Dimensions

Other than these two images, I doubt you’ll find another image on the site that shows the the back of the iMac peaking out from behind the screen. All the images displaying the iMac are captured so it looks like a flat monitor. That’s exceptional marketing. Granted, the back isn’t any deeper than it was before (at least I don’t think it is), it’s pretty obvious they purposefully don’t allow it to show. Furthermore, I couldn’t find a specification anywhere that said how “deep” the iMac is from the front of the screen to the apex of the dome-back (not including the stand). Maybe it’s actually deeper than the previous model and that’s why they won’t tell us. Hmmm…

As I was toying around with pricing on the 27″, I was frustrated because you can’t customize the iMac with anything less than 768GB of flash storage. While I’d love a solid state drive that big, I can’t fork out $1,300. I’d prefer an internal 256GB SSD and then just add a 1TB external drive connected via USB3 or Thunderbolt. But I guess they want to discourage that, thus the 768GB SSD or a fusion drive alternative, which isn’t a terrible idea for an extra $250.

Now the question is, do I buy a new iMac when I graduate or more lenses for my DSLR? :)

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