Use Spotlight to Search Google and Show Results in Chrome

The use cases are somewhat limited given the Google Chrome app is probably open all the time if you’re like me, but it is possible to use Spotlight to search Google and show the results in Chrome. All you have to do is adjust your Safari preferences appropriately. (If only it were this easy in iOS.)

  1. Open Safari >> Preferences
  2. Make Google Chrome your default web browser
  3. Make Google your default search engine

Now launch Spotlight (Command + Spacebar), type in a search request and select “Search web for….

Safari Preferences


  1. a small update for El Capitan users: The option to change your default web browser is now under system preferences > general. after changing it to chrome it works the same (the small icons to the left of search results will still show the safari icon, but the shortcut will open in chrome)


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