Day One: Journaling Made Easy

Day One

I don’t buy apps very often. Probably because I can usually find a free alternative that works. However, every now and again the free alternatives are not what I’m looking for and the paid alternatives look fabulously well developed–great UI, great UX–so I take the leap and buy.

Day One is one of those apps.

Probably about a year ago I went ahead and bought it and I’ve never missed the money or regretted it. ($5 really isn’t that much money, it just seems like a lot relative to all those free apps we download. It’s probably cheaper than buying a physical journal!) I’ve always struggled to keep a memoir of my life, but Day One makes it easy because not only are their reminders, but I can take pictures along the way. One of the reasons I don’t write in a journal regularly is because it takes time to describe what I did that day or I’d have to bring the journal with me everywhere I went just to capture a moment in the moment. With Day One, I can capture moments in the moment and all I have to do is take a picture.

While pictures are awesome, words are the essence of any true journal or diary. A photo journal without words is more of a photo album. It can tell a story, but words can add a lot of depth to a picture, much like sound to a motion picture. If typing on the phone sounds ‘no bueno’ to you then just speak into your phone and let it transcribe your voice because Day One supports that too! Brilliant!┬áMy greatest entries are probably those that combine pictures with words.

Once again though, writing a long, reflective entry can take time. I’ve found that some times all I need is the time it takes me to get to work on public transit or waiting in the airport for a flight.

Writing in a journal is often more about reflection and meditation than anything. This is one of the keys to relaxation and greater happiness. This is one of the biggest reasons why I write in my journal. Furthermore, I want people to know what my life is about on the day to day, what I think about, what I notice, what’s important to me. I want to go back and remember what I did 10 years ago. I want others to do be able to do that too, if they wish.

In summary these are the reasons why I love Day One:

  • Photos
  • Tags
  • Reminders
  • Varied journal views (i.e. timeline, calendar, photos, year, etc.)
  • Geolocation data
  • Weather conditions
  • Cloud backup via Dropbox
  • Digital

Day One: journaling made easy.