Magic Mouse, Meet BetterTouchTool

Apple Magic Mouse

I’ve already talked about how BetterTouchTool is a must have for any Macbook user. But I never went on to discuss how BTT integrates with a Magic Mouse (since I don’t have one). This always intrigued me.

Since we are doing some iOS development at work, HQ sent us a Mac Mini with a Magic Mouse. Naturally, I volunteered to setup the Mac for my team with good software (BetterTouchTool, Caffeine, Sublime, etc.) and the like so that it would run beautifully.

The effect of marrying Magic Mouse to BTT is just as breathtaking as Magic Trackpad + BTT.  You get the ease of a mouse and no more tired fingers when you’re using Photoshop, Visio or anything involving a lot of clicking and dragging. iMacs, Thunderbolt displays and other widescreen monitors have an exceptional amount of screen real estate, which make using a trackpad really tiresome. It’s even a bit tiresome with a mouse. Thus, by using gestures on a Magic Mouse, you still benefit significantly.

For those of you who haven’t read the aforementioned post about BTT, let me just say that I’m not talking about the default gestures that Apple gives you with Mac OS X. I’m talking about custom gestures with 1, 2, 3 and 4 fingers on the Magic Mouse–though limited 4 finger usage.

Using gestures on a Magic Mouse in contrast with the trackpad on a MacBook does take some getting used to. Notably, the Magic Mouse has less surface area than a trackpad. But since you can get both a mouse and gestures, I’d get a Magic Mouse and skip the extra Magic Trackpad any day. I guess that’s kind of a no brainer though. However, now I can say I’ve experienced the ease of making multi-touch gestures on a Magic Mouse. If you haven’t, you’re missing out.